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Recipe – Curry Salmon in Phyllo Cups

Alright, I know what you are thinking … “Yume is hitting the Phyllo cups AGAIN!”

I was asked to be on KWGN – Colorado’s Own Channel – for January 24th at 8:33am.  January has been a very hectic month.  Meals In A Minute has been busy with new consultants, consultants doing demos (and you know I love doing those demos), and packaging some of our new products.  Since I had so much going on, I did not plan what to cook for the KWGN special. The day before the tv special, I was at Indochine and came upon a few phyllo cups in the freezer.  Then, I spotted some nice pieces of filet salmon.  Ah Ha! Why not make something quick like salmon baked in phyllo cups?  With the Super Bowl coming up, these will be wonderful and quick to make!

I decided to chop up some red bell pepper, scallion and salmon.  I then mixed them together with a bit of the Essential sauce and some Kaffir Lime curry sauce. Hmmm..a good start, but it just seemed to be missing something.   I scoured through the refrigerator at Indochine looking for that perfect ingredient.  I finally decided on my own favorite vegetable:  jicama!!  Jicama is sweet and light – a perfect addition to what I already had.  I tested a few and even gave some to Indochine’s guests to try.  They LOVED them so I decided to do this for the TV special the following day.

To see the TV segment, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

Ingredients (for 30 mini phyllo cups)

  1. 1/2 lb filet salmon – chopped or diced
  2. 1 red bell pepper – diced
  3. 1 small Jicama – diced
  4. 2 stalks scallions – chopped
  5. 1 tsp Meals In A Minute Essential Sauce
  6. 4 tsp Meals In A Minute Kaffir Lime Sauce
  7. pinch of black peppers
  8. 30 mini Phyllo cups
  9. 4 tsp Meals In A Minute Kaffir Lime sauce for drizzling or just extra on the side
  10. Cilantro and fresh Kaffir Lime leaves or lime zest (optional)
Step 1 – Mix ingredients #1 through #7 together in a bowl.  

Step 2 – Scoop the mixture into each of the Phyllo cups – be careful not to pile too high.  Turn your oven to Broil at 325 degrees and bake for 5 minutes.

Step 3 – Top with cilantro or chopped Kaffir Lime leaves as desired.  Drizzle additional Kaffir Lime sauce on top before serving.
Here is the segment on Colorado’s KWGN – with Tom Green.

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Recipe – Green Curry in Petite Shrimp Phyllo Cups

Back in December 2011, I got many requests for appetizers using MIM products.  I came up with about four recipes but was able to take pictures of only two appetizers.  My inspiration this time was phyllo cups.  When I was shopping at Safeway looking for frozen pastry sheets, I came upon the cute little phyllo cups.  Since I have only used phyllo cups to make little dessert cups; I thought I’d give it a try for some savory appetizers.

Our consultant from Elizabeth, Colorado – Lois Soule was on her way to meet me to get some quick ideas for her party’s appetizers.  I also was having a quick meeting with Rose Schmidt – another MIM consultant from Colorado Springs so you can see, I was in a BIG hurry to get the recipe tested, take pictures and so on.  They came out alright and although Rose could not try them as I was using the regular phyllo cups and Rose is GF; she thought the cups look very appetizing.  Lois tried them and I think she really liked them!  To those who need to be GF, Whole Foods has GF phyllo cups.

Although the holidays are behind, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon.  Why not do something nice for your Valentine (and it will only takes you minutes!).


2 packages Frozen miniature phyllo cups (2.1 ounces each), thawed
2 TBSP Mayonnaise
1 can Corn (13oz)
1 lb Bay or small frozen cooked shrimp.  Chop into small pieces.
1 stalk Scallions (green onion) – use both green and white parts
A pinch Ground Black Peppers
2 TBSP Meals In A Minute Basil Green Curry (Sub with Panang or Yellow Curry if you like)


Take the Phyllo cups out of their packaging and line them on a baking sheet.

In a mixing bowl, mix corn, chopped cooked shrimps, scallions, mayonaise and Basil Green Curry and black peppers.

Scoop out the shrimp/corn mixture and spoon into the Phyllo cups and bake in your oven at 350 degree for about 5 minutes.

Remove from oven, top with some fresh cilantro (optional) and serve.

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